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4 Horse Premium Highline Kit-Includes Premium Rope, Tree Savers,Swivels & Carry Bag

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Prod. Code: SoMo-4 Horse Premium Highline Kit

4 Horse Premium Highline Kit


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Kit Includes:

Two Amish made  6 & 1/2' Foot 2" Wide Nylon Webbing Straps With Stainless Steel Ring on Each End.

Tree savers insure you abide by the by the US Forest Service, and the US Department of Interior laws protecting natural resources. Tree savers keep your highline or picket line rope from cutting into and damaging the bark on trees. 

High Quality 2" Webbing with 7000 plus breaking strength. Stainless Steel Rings for years of trouble free service.

Amish Made by our Southern Missouri Amish Tack Maker.

Includes two tree savers. 

Color is redish orange for great visability.

4 Tough-1 Highline No Knot Swivels

Save Your Picket/ Highline Rope From Knotting With The Easy-to-use Swivel No-knot! Made Of Heavy Metal. Eliminates Complicated Knots And Replaces Dutchman Knots. Ring Swivels To Keep Your Rope From Getting Tangled Up.

100 Feet of 3/8" Double Braid Polyester Rope-Made in the USA

High strength, low stretch, torque free, excellent wet/dry abrasion resistant and

wet/dry strength. Good resistance to ultraviolet rays and common chemicals.

Obtains the best weathering characteristics of all popular fibers.

Minimum Tensile Strength 4,800

One stuff/carry sack (may vary in color and style.)

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