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Lash Cinch with Leather Ends & Lash Cinch Rope Combo
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Price: $69.99
Prod. Code: SoMo-50' 1/2" Lash Rope & (RY 610 Lash Cinch)

 Lash Cinch with Leather & Lash Cinch Rope Combo

Lash Cinch with leather ends. Made from heavy-duty 4" cotton webbing, a brass hook on one end and a D ring on the other. Includes Lash Cinch Rope that is 50 feet long, and 1/2" in diameter.  Three strand twisted poly combo rope Poly Prop/Poly Dac rope.
Our Lash Cinch Rope is a combination of Polyester/Polypropylene or Polypropylene/Dacron determined by stock on hand. Soft in the hand with good grip service
. High strength and economical. Knots well. White with colored tracers. Colors of tracers can vary. Hand spliced eye on one end and a back spliced on the tail.

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