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SoMo-BT1- Custom Double Pack Cincha w/ Double Rings & Billet Tongue On One Side

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Price: $57.99
Prod. Code: SoMo-BT1

Southwest Mountain Mule Custom Made *Mohair Blend or 100% Mohair Double Pack Cincha w/ Double Rings & 2 Billet Tongue's On One Side

Custom Made in the USA for Southern Missouri Mule. Made to our high standards and specifications.

High Quality 34 strand Mohair Bend Single Pack Cincha with NP hardware. Commonly used on Sawbuck Pack Saddles and double rigged Decker Pack Saddles. The billet tongue allows you to use this cincha with a billet /half breed strap on one side and  latigo tie strap(s) on the other side.

* Available in Mohair Blend or 100% Mohair - Select choice by using pull down menu on right.

No S hooks, all rings are woven in the way they should be.

3 1/2 inch large ring.

21/2 inch smaller ring.

Center D rings.

Dark brown reinforced center diamond. Natural Mohair blend color.

Made in the USA by SoMoMule's Custom Cincha Maker.

Rear cinch is 2" longer to follow the contour of the Mule or Horses belly.

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