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ANZA LW-HC-1 Skinning / Fillet Knife-Sheath Included - 1 Available

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SP2-ANZA Handmade Skinning / Fillet Knife - 1 Available

Anza Hi-Carbon File Knives

High Carbon Steel Knives hold their edge longer & require less freqent sharpening compared to knives made of other material.

LW-HC-1 Skinning / Fillet Knife made from 1095 Hi-Carbon Spring Steel-Sheath Included

These knives are hand made and no two are the same. Each knife holds an individual beauty of their own, colors may vary from the picture. Anza Knives feature full tang construction.

Anza knives are made in the U.S.A. by annealing, cold grinding, and polishing new industrial files. Anza knives can be used for camping, hunting, skinning, fishing, bushcraft and utility tasks. The smooth varnish coating on Anza knife handles offer comfort and beauty to each unique knife. Knives that offer elk handles are made from North American elk tines which offer quality and strength to each knife that offers this feature. The blades hollow grind is deep and there is convexing beyond the edge bevel for strength. Each knife offers excellent fit and finish. Anza knives are unique handmade U.S.A. knives that are affordable, functional and collectable. They also make great gifts.

Anza Elk Tine Handles

Anza knives that offer elk handles are made from North American elk tines for quality and strength. Each handle is unique and functional.

Anza Wood Handles

Sometimes refererred to as COMPREG, a highly engineered wood/plastic composite, that has the physical and mechanical properties of high density hardwood, acrylic, polycarbonate plastics and brass. Brightly dyed northern hardwood veneers are combined with engineering grade resins, heat and pressure to create a product that has the best characteristics of each. Distinguished by its unique strength, durability, dimensional stability, and weather and moisture resistance as compared to regular wood. Uses include knife handles, archery stock, pistol & rifle stocks.

How to Maintain Carbon Steel Knives

Follow these simple cleaning & maintenance steps. 

1. Use mild soapy water to clean your knife. Wipe it down with a clean dry soft cloth.  

2. Oil the blade with spray penetrating oil or gun oil, unless your knife is used for food preparation. If so, use olive oil instead.

3. Wipe the blade dry with soft cloth and store the knife in a dry place. Do not store your knife in the sheaths for extended periods, because condensation may collect inside.

4. Wipe your knife clean after every use, and reapply your choice of oils.

Free Microfiber Cleaning Cloth included with every knife.