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The Mule Companion by Cynthia Attar-  (A SoMoMule Favorite)

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The Mule Companion by Cynthia Attar

This is absolutely one of the best tell-all book on mules available. The Mule Companion is a great primer book for those just getting into mules, plus it has in-depth information on how the mule thinks to be able to create a willing mule and get the most out of him through understanding why he does what he does. Presented in a down-home writing style, inside you will find an excellent source of vital mule wisdom on pertinent subjects such as mule idiosyncrasies, understanding their natural tendencies. It explains common mule myths and truths, training, and problem solving. This book also talks of mule history, fitting tack, care of, buying of, breeding for. The Mule Companion is a must read for all mule enthusiasts. The book is a timeless gift. Know a mule lover? This book will be very much cherished.

Cynthia Attar became a mule trainer first, and then realized the vast need for a good and thorough book on mules. This book would help people understand mules and not feel it necessary to harm them when training them. There wasn't such a book in print, so Cynthia learned to be a writer. As a natural teacher of both mules and people, Cynthia understood the importance of providing knowledge and understanding on why the mule does what he does in order to be able to create a mule partner. As in her personality, Cynthia writes in a down to earth style. Cynthia currently lives with Sally the WonderMule, Satchmo the Jazzy Donk, and other critters in amongst nature in rural SW Washington.

  • Author: Cynthia Attar
  • Publisher: CCB Publishing, British Columbia, Canada
  • Copyright: 4th Edition, 2009
  • 184 pages