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Wearable Horsehair Artwear for you & your Equine

Handmade by Master Artisans from 100% Horsehair

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Mule Bells

The term “3-bell mule” dates back to the days when the Cavalry used horses and mules in military service. 

When the Mule learned to drive a single bell was shaved in the Mules tale.

Next the Mule learned to pack and a second bell was shaved into the Mules Tail.

Finally, when that mule learned to ride, (saddle broke) a third tassel was trimmed below the second, thus a mule that could drive, pack and ride was a three bell Mule.

Mules were transferred to different divisions during their Military service and the bells shaved in their tail told the troops their level of training and capability.

SoMoMule’s Handmade one, two & three bell tassels are reminiscent of days of old and still apply to the Mules of today!