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About Us - Our Story

We are a Mom & Pop business. My name is Ken; I am founder and President of Southern Missouri Resources, Inc.  We do business as SoMoMule, SoMoMule.com, and Mule Rider Tack & MuleRiderTack.com.  I have loved equines from an early age. I proudly served our great Nation for 10 years in the U.S. Coast Guard and subsequent U.S. Government Career. We began a self-journey to learn all we could about horses, mules and donkeys. I am a graduate of the Tucson School of Horseshoeing and Horse & Mule Packer training from Casper College in Wyoming. I rode horseback as part of my job with the U.S. Department of Interior and participated in various projects on Public Lands. I have packed in and hunted in many places and love trail riding, camping, fishing, hunting & mountain trips. My sons both enjoy riding and we have trailed cattle with ranchers in Wyoming.

The Vice President of SoMoMule is Juliana, (Julie). She is my loving wife, business partner and best friend. She brings a wealth of business knowledge and manages all accounting aspects of our business. Julie's campfire meals are awesome and her green thumb produces wonderful gardens & fresh fabulous meals for our family. Julie's loving nature keeps us on an even keel and keeps me on solid ground resulting in a smooth running operation.

In 2007 we took our passions to the next step. We bought a farm in Southeastern Missouri to raise cattle, grow hay and sell equine supplies. Our goal was to offer quality products for mules, horses & donkey lovers alike. It was a natural fit. We have been involved with computers since 1982 and owned one of the very first Macintosh Computers. Our passions evolved and resulted in SoMoMule.com The first product we sold online was a 6oz. jar of Skidmore's leather cream and SoMoMule was here to stay. We continued improving our web site adding more products and working on a niche that would result in great products for a diversified customer base. Over the years our products evolved until we found the right mix of products from U.S.A. makers whenever possible. We have the best makers in the industry working with us.  We pride ourselves on being a Mom & Pop business and many of our product makers are Mom & Pop businesses. We offer personal assistance whenever possible and provide as much product information as possible on our product pages.

As a Mule Rider I wanted to offer Mule Tack that was affordable, high quality and made in the U.S.A. I sought out various makers but none were able to meet our high standards. In 2008 we began designing our own line of Mule Tack with design specifics to include U.S. leather, unique patterns and high quality hardware. We evaluated many prototypes until they met our high standards. We worked with a variety of Amish leather workers and found the right folks that could keep us supplied with the high quality tack we offer today. Our designs are our own and our tack is not mass-produced or made for other vendors. We have one affiliate company that travel to trade shows that we allow to sell our tack.

Our Location:

We receive many calls from folks wanting to visit our store. From 2007- 2014 we did maintain a small store on our farm in Missouri but being a mom & pop business it was hard to accommodate walk in and online customers’ and offer both the quality service they deserve. In 2015 we closed our farm store and we only do business online now. We are licensed as an online company only and not able to provide our address as a place to physically come and shop.

From 2007 until June 30th 2015 our business operation was located in Willow Springs, Missouri.  Beginning June 28th 2015 we will no longer be farming and our business is relocating to the Southwest.  We will still be SoMoMule.com & MuleRiderTack.com offering the same great products online. Our new Official Name is "Southwest Mountain Mule" formerly Southern Missouri Mule.  Same owners same great products!


We credit Don & Angel of The Possible Shop, www.possibleshop.com for teaching us how to do business online and manage the many aspects of establishing a successful corporation.

We credit Daniel Boling and his adoring wife Ellen for supporting our online videos with Daniels Songs from his company "Perfectly Stable Music"

We credit Jay Ungar & Molly Mason for the on hold music you hear when you call us. Their song Ashokan Farewell is from the Civil War Series shown on PBS by Ken Burns. We thank Swinging Door BMI Music for licensing Asholkan Farwell as our on hold music.

We credit and thank all of our wonderful customers for your support over the years. Our greatest compliment is when a customer comes back.  We have many return customers.

Our heartfelt appreciation to all who have made our business and life so wonderful!

Ken & Juliana