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K Bar J Armita Chinks-Color Choices
Choose Main Chap Body Color:
Waist/Fringe/Shield-Choose One Color:
Choose Leg Straps & Connectors
Provide the following measurements in the box below: Waist = Measure waist where chinks will be worn. Upper Thigh = Measure around the biggest part of your thigh. Outseam 1 = Measure from your waist to where you want the end of the fringe to be. Outseam 2 = Measure from waist to the floor. Also please type in your height weight and jean size.
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Price: $324.99
Prod. Code: KJ-Armitas

K Bar J Armita Chinks-Color Choices

Armitas, (Prounonced "Ar Mee Ta") were made popular in the old west by the Vaqueros, (Cowboys) who proudly wore them. The word Armita known in english as "Little Armour". 

This popular style has made a huge comeback in recent years and we are proud to offer K Bar J Armita Chinks.

         Stock Photo Color Not Available.

Buckle back belt.

Loop Shield with Spots.

Waist Fringe averages 5" Leg Fringe averages 7.5".

Made Smooth Side out.

The main chap body can be one color and the piece that goes around your waist/waist fringe /shield can be in a different color.

Colors shown below and weight of leather vary by hides in stock.

         Light Brown                         Medium Brown                    Dark Brown

Choose Leg Connectors Snaps & Rings or Buckles:

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