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Mules Across the Great Wide Open-Author Signed Edition

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Mules Across the Great Wide Open - Author Signed Edition

by Jody Foss

cover of Mules Across the Great Wide Open

Join Jody and her sister as they ride green-broke Appaloosas and pack the incredible mule Sarah Jane 1,300 miles from Park City Utah to Spokane Washington. A collection of mishaps, old timers' stories and high mountain passes make this book a fun read. Humorously illustrated by Bonnie Shields and with a photo section, this 288 page book can take you away!

"Jody's wonderful outdoor experiences and character portraits catapult us back to a time when travel itself taught us much of what we know of people and places. This is a trailblazing adventure told from the lazy "altitude" of a mule's saddle. It's a wonderful read for those who relish the pioneer perspective." 

-Anna Rees, Librarian

"I just finished reading Mules Across the Great Wide Open and I loved it. I didn't want to put it down, but I had to make it last. The illustrations are priceless. I loved the photos, especially all the people you encountered. Your writing brought up pictures in my mind and feelings that only a good writer can create. I felt it when you were soaking wet, hungry and at those peaceful times sitting alongside a river for hours where the only sound was the call of the birds overhead. I have a new understanding and respect for the marvelous mule. They haven't been given the proper respect they deserve. I sincerely wish for you to continue on with the same determination that took you across the great wide open." 
-Elaine Dauphin