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In the Company of Mules-Author Signed Edition

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In the Company of Mules - Author Signed Edition

by Jody Foss

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Could you fit everything you need on a mule? Jody Foss, in this true western adventure takes the reader across the west on rocky roads and high mountain trails. In the summer of 1984 she saddled up her mules Mavis and Sarah Jane and left her Idaho homestead heading for the coast of Oregon. She discovered a country rich in colorful oral history and old time hospitality.

"Jody's descriptive writing and beautiful pictures eabled me to remember the smells and feelings of my years outdoors."

-Anna Lane

"When my folks came there wasn't a fence in the country. Not a fence nowhere." Jack said the words quietly, like a prayer. "You'd head out in any direction and never come across a fence. And there was bunch grass as high as a horse's belly."

In the Company of Mules

Experience a west that can only be seen from the saddle...
367 pages, illustrated by Bonnie Shields, with 26 photographs by the author.