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Journey With a Baja Burro- By Graham Mackintosh, Signed Edition

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Journey With a Baja Burro- By Graham Mackintosh, Signed Edition

Read the book that inspired SoMoMule's customer Mike Younghusband who is trekking 1,000 miles to the tip of Baja.


From an overland trek down the trail of the padres, exactly three-hundred years after the establishment of Baja California's first mission at Loreto, springs Graham Mackintosh's book, Journey With A Baja Burro.

As well as a tribute to the 300th anniversary of the founding of the Loreto Mission, Journey With A Baja Burro is also a celebration of the dramatic beauty of Baja, the importance of wilderness, the depth of the relationship between the author and his burro companion, and in spite of the author's explicit questioning and rejection of Christian dogma -- especially that held by the Catholic missionaries -- it is, in the end, a record of a powerful spiritual, perhaps Christian, experience and a moving tribute to the courage and character of the early Baja missionaries.  

Signed edition by Mackintosh, Graham

Softcover; 358 pages; color photographs

Sunbelt Publications; copyright 2001