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Premium Large Standard Donkey - Pack Saddle Packages
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Price: $899.99
Prod. Code: OPS Large Standard Donkey Pack Pkg

Premium - Large Standard Donkey - Pack Saddle Packages 

Includes 4 items Please scroll down for more information: 

Use Pull Down Menus on Right to View Sizing information.

Note: The smallest size breast collar we can make is 18" Long. The smallest size butt strap we can make is 29"  long.


Important information:  This is a custom package and averages 3-6 weeks to ship. 

Our Custom Polices apply: These items are Custom made and are non-returnable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable. Placing a custom made order by phone or through the Internet constitutes your implied agreement that you understand & accept this policy.   

Use Pull Down Menus on Right to View Sizing information.

A Complete Premium Package, here is what you get:

1. Double Pack Cincha -Size Choices. 

2. OPS Sawbuck Pack Saddle with Lined Britchen & Breast Collar-

Roller Buckle Straps - (Size choices for the bars, breascollar and britchen)

The forks on the saddle are made of 1-3/4 inch Oregon oak. Sideboards are pine wood because of its light weight and resistance to cracking. 1-1/4 inch strap slots are provided for rigging. No screws are used on the tree at all. We use 12-14 oz. oiled harness leather. The saddle has a fully lined 2 ½ inch breeching and breast collar. Roller buckles instead of Conway buckles and buckle covers are on the straps that are attached to the breeching. Nickel hardware. (Shades of leather may vary.)

3. OPS Cordura Pack Panniers with Lids-Heavy Duty Panniers-

Color & Size Choices

These Quality Cordura Panniers comes with a full contoured lid. The cordura is vinyl-lined for a long-lasting product and available in a several colors choices. Comes as a set of 2. 


4. OPS Bear Cloth Utah Panniers or Canvas Utah Panniers. (Open Tops)

Bear Cloth (Iron Cloth) is a phenomenal product made of 28 oz. Armer Duck material. The Bear Cloth material is washable, incredibly durable, versatile and won't fray or rip. Color of Bear (Cloth may vary).

Our Bear Cloth Panniers have contoured lids, with heavy duty polypropylene webbing all the way around the pannier and reinforced leather corners. Along with the outstanding strength of the actual iron cloth material, it makes these panniers one of the best items on the market. The top straps are made out of 12 -14 oz. oiled harness leather, reinforced with a heavy duty polypropylene webbing. Comes as a set of two.

5. Pack Pad - Size Choices

Pack Pad is constructed with waterproof marine duck canvas, 1 inch thick.The layers and the way the canvas are sewed together will help prevent the pad from sliding out from underneath the pack saddle.