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Hauls All - Pack Saddle Hauling Rack Set

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Hauls All - Pack Saddle Hauling Rack Set -

Handmade in the U.S.A ! 

This product is back-ordered with No Known Availability date.

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Hauls All Set. One for each side.

Designed to carry heavy or odd shape sizes.

Makes packing very easy for hay bales, salt blocks, fire wood, alfalfa pellet bags, coolers, tent frames, poles, large plastic boxes.

Constructed of strong square tubing, weight 9 lbs each side.

Approx. measurements are:

Shelf is 24" W x 13" D

Back is contoured 24"W and 17" H

4  1" x 60"  straps to secure loads to racks.

Top straps, double stitched 2" x 44" with roller buckle. The weight per set is 18 lbs. 

Folds up when not in use.


Allows a packer to easily pack in tent poles 5 - 7 feet in length.